FAQs Bermuda Fountain Pump

Fountain Pump

If the pump is not working after being connected, please check if the plug is loose, if it has been properly wired into the plug, RCD plug or outdoor switchbox, and that the plug and cable are not damaged. Never dismantle the pump by yourself if malfunction occurs. Check that the RCD has been reset and power to outdoor electricals is switched on, and not tripped or fused.

If the motor of the pump is running but with less water flow or water pressure, check that the pump housing is not blocked by too much dirt and leaves, and that the Head Max (height of water it is pumping too) has not been exceeded. Check that there is sufficient water in the water feature reservoir to ensure that the pump is under water at all times.

  1. Remove the front casing from the pump by squeezing the sides and pulling it away.
  2. Turn the impeller housing anticlockwise to expose the impeller inside.
  3. Carefully remove the impeller and central, ceramic shaft.
  4. Inspect the shaft and make sure it is clean and in one piece. Clean the impeller and check that it is not cracked, and all the blades are intact.

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