FAQs Bermuda Wi-Fi Pressure Filter

Wi-Fi Pressure Filter

Yes, the Bermuda Pressure Filter  is a sealed unit and can be installed both above ground or in the ground. For optimal performance the filter outlet should be above the water level.

If the water is leaking around the hosetails, check that the supplied rubber washers have been fitted. Check that the hose is the right size for the hosetail and that the hose clip has been properly tightened.

If water is leaking from the clamp, check that it is done up properly and tight, and that the O-ring is present inside the filter casing.

If the water turns green, check that the UV is plugged in and running 24 hours per day. If more than 6 months old the lamp will need replacing. Check that the quartz sleeve is clean and clear, to allow the UV light to penetrate the water. Check that the pump and filter have been properly matched for pond size.

The filter needs cleaning.

  1. To clean the filter turn the valve from RUN to CLEAN. Water will stop returning to the pond and instead leave by the drain on the rear of the filter lid.
  2. Wind handle on filter to squeeze sponge inside and help remove dirt. Dirty water will then be pumped out of the drain to waste.
  3. Turn the filter valve back to RUN, and normal filtration and return to pond will resume.
  4. To access the sponges for inspection or replacement, slide clasp on clamp ring to the right, while at the same time depressing the left hand side of the clasp and pulling to the left. Use two hands.
  5. Lift the lid and connected sponges out of the filter body and turn upside down.
  6. Remove the bottom shield
  7. Using a screwdriver (not supplied) undo the screws in the bottom support plate.
  8. Sponges can then be lifted off and replaced
  9. To clean black Bio Balls in the base of the filter, remove by hand and wash in old pond water, then replace.
  10. Reverse steps 4 to 9 to ensure the clean Bio Balls and sponges are re-installed correctly and lid is closed.

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