Mermuda Blanketweed Treatment

Fibreglass Ponds

Heavy duty, pre-formed fibreglass ponds

Kittiwake Pond
Woodcock Pond
Sandpiper Pond
Redshank Pond

Ultimate Ready Made Ponds

Fibreglass pre-formed ponds are the ultimate ready-made ponds, combining strength, quality and durability. Large and spacious enough for fish, Bermuda Fibreglass ponds come in several natural shapes, with room for marginal plants, and are easy to keep clean.

Key Features

  • Strong & Robust
  • Long lasting and practical
  • Manufactured in the UK


Sandpiper PondBER0030185(l) x 127(w) x 48(h)cm315 Litres / 69 Gallons
Redshank PondBER0031214(l) x 155(w) x 53(h)cm455 Litres / 100 Gallons
Woodcock PondBER0032205(l) x 130(w) x 50(h)cm537 Litres / 118 Gallons
Kittiwake PondBER0033235(l) x 170(w) x 60(h)cm1189 Litres / 262 Gallons

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