Bermuda Breeze AirPumps

3 Way Flow Divider

Versatile way to split water flow

The Bermuda 3 Way Flow Divider is a very simple product with multiple uses, it allows you to extend the flow of your pond pump into two separate streams or you can split the flow to a fountain / waterfall and divert the excess water where you choose, adjusting flow rates as you like.

The product includes a variety of accessories for you to combine and customise your needs. It’s a water distributor with one easy to adjust inlet and two outlets.
The 40mm inlet has connections for 25mm-50mm hose. The two 40mm outlets come with stepped hosetails to take 25mm-40mm hose.

Both outlets have individual flow rate taps.

Key Features

  • Fits 25, 32, 38, 40mm flexi hose
  • Taps to create adjustable flow rate
  • Optional strainer case included

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