Bermuda Solar Water Features

With the recent up rise in energy bills, the last thing you need is your water feature adding to the cost... not to worry, we have a fantastic range of Solar Water Features to help you keep the costs down.

What are Solar Water Features?

The range of Bermuda Solar water features are powered by pumps run on solar energy. The high capacity solar panels ensure you can enjoy your water feature whilst relaxing on sunny days. With no plugs needed, there are no running costs, therefore saving you money!

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What if there is no sun?

To put your mind at rest, you can still enjoy your water feature even when there is no sun. Simply plug in your solar mains charger and your water feature is able to run without sunlight.

Top Tip!

We know that sunlight is the cause of algae - we also have that covered too! Use Crystal Fountain Clear to keep your water feature clear of algae.

Where to buy?

With over 200 Bermuda stockists in the UK, you can use our online stockist locator to find a stockist close to you.

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