Bermuda Breeze AirPumps

FAQs Bermuda Breeze Air Pump

  1. Check that the power supply is on.
  2. Check fuses and wiring.
  3. Check that the air outlet valves are open.
  4. Check the filter sponge and clean if necessary.
  1. Ensure the air pump is on a level surface.
  2. When replacing air lines ensure they are replaced with silicone tubing, as supplied.
  3. Check that the air tubing has no kinks.
  4. If the pump is too powerful for your your requirements, opening one of the air valves without air line will bleed off unwanted air flow and dramatically reduce the noise. Placing the air stones deeper in the water increases the back pressure on the pump, as it must work harder it will become noisy.
  5. Check and replace old blocked and dirty air stones.
  6. Check filter sponge and clean if necessary.

The Bermuda Breeze range of air pumps are designed to run continuously with minimum maintenance. Ideally all outlets should have an air line and air stone connected and used, this will give the pond maximum aeration and ensure that damaging back-pressure is kept to a minimum.

Regular cleaning of the air stones and hose is advised to maintain optimum air flow into the water. Air stones will become blocked which will reduce the performance of the pump over time, so replacing air stones every 12 months will ensure complete aeration of your pond.

IMPORTANT: If all the pump air outlets are not needed ensure that one of the valve outlets is opened in order to bleed off some of the airflow, which will adjust the air output to the remaining stones. This will reduce noise levels by reducing the back pressure on the pump and extend the life of the air pump.

Check and clean the filter sponge at the top of the air pump.

Remove the screw caps on the top of the air pump.

Remove the two two screws and lift off air suction cover on the top of the air pump.

Remove the white filter sponge and clean with running water, ensuring completely dry before re-assembling.


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