Bermuda Feature Pumps

Feature Pumps

Ideal for outdoor water features

Perfect for Small Water Features

Bermuda Feature Pumps are perfect for small water features, and are easy to connect and maintain. Discrete and reliable, every pump includes a flow adjuster to enable precise control of the desired output.

Key Features

  • Small and compact
  • Adjustable output
  • 10 metre cable
  • 7 models available


400BER0001250lph / 77gph6W0.8m13mm69 x 54 x 92mm
750BER0057750lph / 165gph12W1.5m13mm75 x 57 x 92mm
1000BER00581,000lph / 220gph16W1.8m16mm89 x 70 x 111mm
1500BER00591,500lph / 330gph25W2.5m19mm104 x 93 x 140mm
2000BER03922,000lph / 440gph43W3.0m19mm118 x 101 x 158mm
3000BER00833,000lph / 660gph68W3.5m25mm132 x 106 x 172mm
4000BER00844,000lph/880gph75W3.0m25mm132 x 106 x 172mm

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