Pre-Formed Ponds

Bermuda Pre-Formed Ponds

Tough, HDPE ornamental ponds

Cove Pond
Sands Pond
Beach Pond
Bay Pond

The ultimate ready-made pond

Bermuda pre-formed ponds are the ultimate ready-made pond and have even been shaped and designed for perfect pump placement, plant placement, and wildlife access. Simply dig a hole, drop them in, and fill them up. Made from tough, HDPE these ponds are perfect if you’re planning to set up a small to medium size garden pond and don’t want to use pond liner. Choose from four designs with volumes ranging from 45 litres up to 350 litres.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from tough HDPE
  • Unique integral raised pump stand
  • Wildlife escape route and cable exit
  • Ideal for use with Bermuda MultiPump
  • 4 sizes available


Bay PondBER0024164(l) x 122(w) x 46(h)cm350 Litres / 77 Gallons
Beach PondBER0025135(l) x 133(w) x 33(h)cm130 Litres / 29Gallons
Sands PondBER0026114(l) x 83(w) x 23(h)cm100 Litres / 22 Gallons
Cove PondBER002782(l) x 59(w) x 627(h)cm45 Litres / 10 Gallons

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