Mermuda Blanketweed Treatment

Blanket Weed

Natural products for a healthier pond

Bermuda Blanketweed

100% Fish, Plant and Wildlife Safe Pond Additive

Bermuda Blanket Weed is a 100% fish, plant and wildlife safe pond additive, and is easy to use. It can be used in ponds and closed water bodies of any size, as often as every 14 days as required. Available in four sizes.

Key Features

  • Natural, pond life friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Use as required


Blanketweed 400gBER1313For ponds up to 5,000 litres
Blanketweed 800gBER1312For ponds up to 10,000 litres
Blanketweed 2kgBER1314For ponds up to 25,000 litres
Blanketweed 4kgBER1315For ponds up to 50,000 litres

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