Pond Filter Kit

FAQs Bermuda Filter Kit

No, the Bermuda Pressure Filter Kit should be place pool side, above the water level in the pond.

Yes, regularly inspect and clean the pump housing to make sure it has not accumulated too much dirt, leaves and algae on the pump cage. If left, a build-up of leaves and algae will greatly affect the flow of water to the filter. To maintain the pump, and keep it in good working order, use the following instructions.

  1.  Remove hose and hose clip, then unscrew the hosetail from the pump body.
  2. Locate the cage clip near the front of the pump cage, press in, and lever cage back, and off.
  3. Using a screwdriver (not supplied) unscrew and remove the four screws, to release the pump from the cage.
  4. Turn impeller housing anti-clockwise to expose impeller and ceramic shaft.
  5. Pull out impeller (held in by magnet) and carefully remove white, ceramic shaft.
  6. Clean and inspect impeller and shaft. impeller blades should be intact with no cracks in magnet. Shaft should be in one piece, with no signs of wear. Broken shaft and/or impeller should be replaced at once.
  1. Unclip filter lid
  2. Remove lid
  3. Locate media tray and sponges underneath
  4. Lift out tray and dirty sponges
  5. Place tray and sponges away from pond, over garden or a drain.

If the water turns green, check that the UV is plugged in and running 24 hours per day. If more than 6 months old the lamp will need replacing. Check that the quartz sleeve is clean and clear, to allow the UV light to penetrate the water. Check that the pump and filter have been properly matched for pond size.

Check the pump cage is not blocked, check the hose is not kinked or damaged, check the hosetails are not blocked.

The sponges are blocked and need cleaning/replacing.

The water pump is over-sized, or the filter box has been incorrectly located. The filter box outlet must always be at the highest point, i.e. higher than the water level or higher then the highest point of the watercourse.

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