Bermuda Feature Pumps

Pond Skimmer

Removes surface debris

Bermuda Pond Skimmer is a robust, compact, floating skimming device with built-in pump. The skimmer floats on the surface of the pond drawing in leaves, uneaten food and other surface debris, helping to keep your pond water clear and healthy.

Using the Pond Skimmer

The pump pulls water in via the skimmer inlet and any waste particles are filtered and collected in the skimmer basket. Keeping the skimmer operating at full efficiency is easy, just remove and empty the basket on a regular basis. The skimmer can be left to float on the surface of the pond or it can be secured in a fixed position where needed. The Bermuda Pond Skimmer contains a 3,000 lph pump which makes it ideal for ponds with a surface area of up to 20m2.



Pond SkimmerBER0150230V50/60Hz43W3000lphDiameter: 354mm
Height 258mm

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